Alternative of Table of Content Plugins

As the title, I’m going to tell you the best alternative way to use Table of Content rather than a Plugin.

Yes, you heard right. Don’t use any table of content plugins.

In the industry most of the successful bloggers recommend us to useĀ  Table of content plus plugin. And I appreciate that even I also use the table of content method, but without plugins.

And here I am going to tell you why you should avoid the plugins and how you can use Table of Content without Plugin.

  1. What is Table of Content
  2. Why avoid the plugins
  3. Benefits of Custom TOC
  4. Process to Use
  5. Conclusion

What is the Table of Content

Table of Content is a list method to describe the headings responsively. On blogs, it worked as a hyperlink and groups of headings. These heading will cover up on the entire article.

Such as a book’s index page, it described the entire book’s contents as a list. Similarly, the table of content also worked on websites and articles.

Why Avoid Table of Content Plugins

Most of the bloggers are used WordPress as their Content Management System.

And WordPress has so many options to add, and luckily they are free to use.

That’s why bloggers just download plugins and install them to have some easy working experiences.

But as the plugins are installed WordPress is getting heavier, and the loading speed is getting slow day by day.

Some plugins are more than 1000kb in size, just to make a Table of Content.

And it can affect your SEO results because Google loves the fastest loading websites.

The benefit of Custom Table of Content

There so many Web Developers who recommend us to use custom coding rather than plugins.

I have done so much research on SEO and I also realized that fewer plugins website are really faster.

And they have the same user interface and experiences.

It will give you a faster loading experience.

Easier interface, and navigation experience.

So, here finally I am going to show you the exact techniques to use Table of Content without having any plugin.


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